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Most of the adult user has the fantasy of entering someone’s secret space and see them having sex or masturbation. Well, you’re lucky today, we just found a Voyeur site that gives you exactly that. Voyeur XXX cams are very different from the adult sex cams.

VoyeurHouse offer adult users to watch other’s sex life for free. Or is it not? Let’s check out what’s VoyeurHouse and how legit is that.

Our VoyeurHouse Reviews are straight forward and tell the readers exactly from a user point of view. With no further delay, let’s see what this Voyeur Cam site has got.

How VoyeurHouse site works?

VoyeurHouse Models
VoyeurHouse performers are good to watch TV, read newspapers and do kitchen chores. Forget about watching Live Sex here for free!

VoyeurHouse is a live streaming website that offers adult users to watch amateur couples or groups of people’s life. Most often we can see them naked and having sex in their bedrooms, kitchen, or hall.

Voyeur cams are not scripted or porn type of work. People in Voyeur House have given their 100% consent to having cams fixed in their houses for adult users. It truly sparks the interest of many adult users to watch and see how next door Amateur couples have sex.

Voyeur House is a relatively new site that was created in 2019 for showing the concept of Voyeur cams to adults.

Although the concept is exciting and intriguing, over time it becomes less and less engaging. I’ll tell you why. Most of the cams shown in the VoyeurHouse are either empty or people doing household chores. Is this what we came to see? It’s fucking irritating mate.

VoyeurHouse Features:

Registration – Enter a valid email ID and get started the registration process in the simplest of ways.

Live – Check out the Live Voyeur Cams to see any household naked couples around the globe. Have to say, not many live cams are available at day time and leaving most of the adult cam users dry and disappointed.

VoyeurHouse Cams
VoyeurHouse Cams are dull and boring. Here’s one tiny example of that.

Replays – Watch the previously performed Voyeur sex cams from different couples. It’s not live and you can check the replays for 24 hours.

Archive – This feature was right on embedded in the below section of the home page. A list of archived Voyeur sex cam videos to show the glimpses of couples’ sex and peak erotic moments. A good attraction for new users. But certainly not for adult sex cam users.

Locations – Turn on the GPS in your browser and this option will show the nearest of the Voyeur sex cam couples for your eyes.

Live Sex – Enter the peek sex cams by clicking on this option. However, apart from the archive option, the rest can be entirely enjoyed only if we are a premium member of the VoyeurHouse site.

Anybody who came to watch real-life sex cams would be frustrated to the core. Not free sex cams for guest users. All we can watch is some naked individuals walking and sipping coffee and reading papers. Is this really what we wanted? Fucking NO.

Even adult sex cam sites like Streamate & LiveJasmin (review at the links) have free cam shows to watch for guest users. Those are far better sex cams than VoyeurHouse any given day.

Wanna see only girl models stripping naked and squirting for you? Then, MyFreeCams (review at the link) is the best place for you.

Here’s the homepage of VoyeurHouse,

Voyeur House Home
Every fucking cams in Voyeur House is locked and can be open for premium members. Fucking disappointment for adult users.

VoyeurHouse Pricing:

Voyeur House Pricing
Expensive for a Voyeur Cams site mate. I would rather spend those bucks for real cam sex at Streamate.

Signing up to VoyeurHouse gives the user 120 free credits and with that, you can hardly chat for 5 mins with Voyeur sex cam performers.

29.99 per month (33% off) + 30 tokens bonus
79.99 for 3 months (40$ off) + 90 tokens bonus
129.99 for 6 months (52% off) + 180 tokens bonus
199.99 for 12 months (63% off) + 365 tokens bonus

All fancy numbers stuffed in a way to deceive the new adult cam users. These discounts are nothing more than a clickbait formula to pull adult users into something that’s not worth the money.

VoyeurHouse thinks it can easily lure people with such tokens and bonuses, but they can’t change the reality of the cams.

Not only Voyeur House, but a site like RealLifeCam (review at the link) does also the same Voyeur cams and fails to get attention in the long run.

Nobody is that dumb enough to register for a premium membership and watch people walking naked in their houses. Sex happens and I’m not it isn’t. But it’s not that fancy and attractive like regular sex cams.

VoyeurHouse Findings and Conclusion:
Streamate xxx cams
If you wanna have real cam sex from models, Streamate is your best bet dude.

Well, Voyeur House started well with all the marketing stuff and how we can watch live sex cams from the neighborhood. But it’s all a gimmick like most of the other Voyeur cam sites.

Voyeur House will not even stand a chance to give proper sex cams to adult users. That’s the reality. Voyeur House can try stuff new ideas, new designs, and features, but it can never be a site like Streamate.com.

So, here are our findings, if you have the fancy to watch couples walking naked and eating at the kitchen, Voyeur House is your place. Wanna see hardcore sex cam sites, then forget about Voyeur House once and for all. Save your time and money.

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