Chatrad Review: Total Creepfest for Adults

Founded in May 2013, Chatrad offers users the opportunity to interact with complete strangers via webcam for free. Chatrad is a random chat site for adults to connect with like-minded strangers on the web.

While Chatrad encourages users to register with their site, it isn’t necessary to start chatting immediately unless you want to make use of the platform’s gender and location filters to limit which pool of strangers you are matched with.

While this is alarming in and of itself, what’s more, disconcerting is that Chatrad isn’t even an independent platform. It’s a clone of the 2011 random chat site Chatrandom, which is home to over 4,000,000 users.

Chatrad Summary: A Sugar-coated Site That Fails!

chatrad users
Chatrad users are unbelievably pervy and looking for girls and girls only.

A brief overview of Chatrad indicates that the site’s target demographic is younger users.

Its homepage even displays a young couple brandishing their smartphones to send emojis and selfies to really drive the point home. is a covered up trick to divert free chat users to buy premium subscription packs.

Free random chat sites are fucking scams coated with glamorous themed websites, and chat rad is one among them.

Chatrad was a smart opportunity to attract free chat users who search for sites like Omegle to get into a well-built platform but unfortunately, is a shit show.

Chatrad Features:

The majority of the people who enter chatrandom sites are either looking for girls or looking for sexting. So, the basic understanding of free chat sites is different than we think, and that is why random chat sites have become less secured and pervier than before.

Delving deeper into the platform, I was shocked to find that there are no clear age requirements to participate in Chatrad’s community. The site simply requests that users follow a couple of ground rules. Here’s what they essentially boil down to:

  • Don’t harass your fellow users.
  • Don’t break the law.
  • No nudity allowed
  • No screen-sharing
  • Don’t spam the chat with ads.

Chatrad’s terms of service loosely allude to the moderation and review of the platform via “Chatrad Technology.” This site development allegedly takes action to remove users from certain channels and suspend/terminate accounts at the site’s discretion when a violation of its terms has occurred.

This technology is improved upon with the help of user complaints. Information from these reports can also be used in law enforcement investigations in cases where laws have been violated.

Chatrad girl
I have to spend 45 mins of swiping to find one Chatrad girl, and she vanished within 3 seconds. Chatrad is a joke!

However, Chatrad itself emphasizes that they cannot take preemptive action against users so if an incident does happen, the user won’t face consequences until the damage has already been done.

It seems reasonable enough, but it is worth noting that unless a user has explicitly broken the law, they have the option to pay a fee to fast track the review of their account so access can be restored.

Out of sheer morbid curiosity, I decided to give Chatrad one spin.

I blocked my webcam for obvious security reasons and waited to meet my new “friend.” I was immediately met with an obvious spam message from a cam site discussing masturbation!

Luckily in my case, I was not an impressionable minor, but I can only imagine the horrors children would have to traverse in comparison to my brief three seconds of using the site, during which the “stranger” on the other end had violated not one, but two, community guidelines.

Rather than, I would have peeped into 18+ adult chat rooms and have a wonderful time in the best webcam sites. End of the day, we need some fun, and adult cam sites provide that with ease.

Chatrad Costs:

  • $6.99 Per Week – 1 Week – (Rebills weekly)
  • $19.99 Per Month – 1 Month – (Rebills Monthly)

Here are the things we get for upgrading to chatrandom plus membership,

  1. Gender Filter
  2. Location Filter
  3. Verified Badge
  4. No Ads
  5. Private Chat

Sites Like

Omegle alternatives or sites like chatrad includes Chat Avenue & FreeChatNow (review at the links) which clearly didn’t live up to the expectations, and thus adult chat lovers step into useless and vulnerable platforms. Findings & Conclusion:
Chatrad cam users
You cannot find chatrad cam users like this. Streamate is a perfect place to chat with beautiful girls.

If you’re looking for a quick, anonymous hookup online, Chatrad is not the platform for you.

Chatrad has no minimum age requirements and definitely caters to a younger audience, so your chance of encountering a minor is relatively high.

There isn’t any nudity allowed on the platform in the first place, but it is clear from my personal experience that users have no qualms about breaking the site’s loosely enforced regulations.

These scare factors make the perfect storm for a predator’s hunting ground.

Stay clear of this creepfest and join a real cam site instead.

There are plenty of great ones out there, including our favorites: Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, and of course, These top tier adult entertainment sites feature thousands of live models to chat, flirt, and get freaky with!

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