NudeLive Review (This Cam Site is a FAKE!)

The truth is NudeLive is a fake and phony platform and offers nothing original at all. Our review spills the beans on this chaturbate clone.

Let’s back up though and start with the facts about

NudeLive is a freemium site that promises free live sex cams and optional registration. The site uses minimalistic design elements and infographics to advertise that they’re…pretty mediocre, actually. On the site’s very own homepage, NudeLive declares that it is not in the top ten, not in the top one hundred, but in the top 1500 ranking for adult sites.

Unfortunately, this, and the few other statistics this infographic displays, are the only bits of integrity we can expect from this site.

Take a look at what I mean. tries to trick users.

Yes, that is your first clue this is not on our list of the top cam sites.

All of NudeLive’s models and features aren’t even native to the platform. NudeLive is actually just Chaturbate in disguise!

There is, however, one key distinction: NudeLive takes the “free” in “freemium” a little too seriously.

As visitors enter NudeLive’s homepage, they are immediately met with a standard age verification/agreement to terms window. By choosing to enter the site, viewers affirm that they are over eighteen years old and agree to the site’s terms. As we all know, this is not an effective way to keep out minors, but it doesn’t seem like NudeLive really cares.

Instead, the platform openly advertises that registration is completely optional and that free sex shows can be found all over the site without ever needing to log in. This sort of advertisement sends all the wrong messages, enticing minors, and indirectly discouraging visitors from ever signing up.

Aside from this, NudeLive is basically an anemic version of Chaturbate, stripped down to its basest form. NudeLive includes rudimentary categories for its models (age, gender, ethnicity, etc.) but fails to organize models by specific tags.

Listen, man. is a fake designed to get users for an affiliate and redirect them to chaturbate. So just go to yourself and see the source site and join there if you want but don’t register on some silly feeder site!

It’s TRUE guys!

Although the site never outright denies its connection to Chaturbate, NudeLive does go to the lengths of disguising itself, sporting a black and red palette and a slightly different layout to throw off seasoned cam aficionados. The site retains Chaturbate’s format for model previews, and once you click on a model’s profile, its ties to Chaturbate are undeniable.

You’ll be met with a full-screen view of the model’s live feed along with pop-up windows for the chat log, the model’s profile, and other useful information.

In the upper right-hand corner of each broadcast, Chaturbate’s familiar yellow logo is in plain view. When you attempt to buy tokens or log in to NudeLive, perceptive visitors will be able to spot yet another Chaturbate calling card: its four main tabs–“CHAT ROOMS”; “BROADCAST YOURSELF”; “TAGS”; and “LOGIN.” Each of these tabs leads to an embedded Chaturbate page within NudeLive’s interface rather than to a unique NudeLive link.

nudelive cams
All you have to do is look at the cam girls names on nudelive cams and you can tell these are merely chaturbate models!

Although I don’t suspect any major fishiness on NudeLive, their lax policy on registration is concerning and reminiscent of the callous anonymity-glorifying policies set forth by random chat sites like Omegle and Chatroulette. NudeLive is backed by a strong powerhouse, Chaturbate, but has few features that make it its own entity, relying on design alone to manufacture a unique identity.

In a nutshell, if you REALLY thought this was its own webcam site you were wrong. It exists to dupe you and frankly, the whole notion of hidden cam porn is more realistic than the idea offers something special.

If you want the real deal, avoid phony sites like NudeLive and sign up through directly. It’s totally free to join and has a readily navigable interface without all the smoke and mirrors.

Clearly, since is a fake clone of Chaturbate (review at that link) the buttons below redirect you to the real webcam site for adults.visit-site

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